September 2021

Arabella St John Parker takes the helm at GDJ

JPM is delighted to have recruited Arabella St John Parker as the new editor of Garden Design Journal, the award-winning magazine of the Society of Garden Designers. As a journalist, editor and content creator who writes about gardens, interiors, buildings and property, Arabella bring extensive experience and expertise to the role. She was previously Houses & Gardens Editor for Homes & Gardens and, prior to that, Deputy Editor of Country Homes & Interiors and she also writes for The Daily Telegraph, The English Garden, The London Magazine and Grand Designs magazine, among others.

“It’s an exciting time to be a journalist specialising in gardens and landscape design,” said Arabella. “Perceptions of what our outside spaces should or could look like, of what they’re for and where we put them, are adjusting. At the same time, concerns about climate change and sustainability are affecting every aspect of the gardening process, from what sort of plants we grow, where we get them from, and how we irrigate our outside spaces, to how we build our gardens, what we use to do so, and what materials and things we use to furnish them.

“In my opinion, Garden Design Journal is the ideal place for professionals and non-professionals alike to address all of these issues and more and, of course, the garden design world is full of such fabulous personalities and abundant with ideas and opinions that for me to have the opportunity to work more closely with them, on a magazine that is as much their internal sounding board as it is their public calling card and means of leading by example, is simply too great to be missed.

“Working with senior editor Lizzie Hufton and the rest of the team at JPM on my first two issues has been a pleasure. Here’s to more of the same!”

Garden Design Journal is the only publication devoted solely to garden design, making it essential reading for those involved or interested in the subject. The magazine is both inspirational and educative and showcases the very best of garden design, in public and private gardens at home and abroad.