March 2019

Cycle redesign reflects the sport’s wide appeal

With a brief to reflect the modern cyclist and the sport’s widening appeal, our talented team have revamped Cycle, the magazine of Cycling UK. Its vibrant design and lively style aims to engage and enthuse cyclists from all walks of life. Broadcaster and keen cyclist Jeremy Vine said: “I've just read the brilliant Cycling UK magazine cover to cover! Wow — it's so good.”

The inclusive content has been a particular hit with readers, with one saying: “I was perusing our cycling magazines this morning, having a cup of tea and thinking about getting out on my bike. Much to my surprise and sadness, I was, quite frankly, staggered at the dearth of articles about women cyclists! Thank goodness that we also had a copy of Cycle to make me feel like all of us are included in the wonderful and healthy world of cycling. Thank you and please keep up the good work on making cycling an inclusive activity for all of us.”