May 2022

JPM creates shareable animation for CIPHE

When the Charted Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering wanted an accessible and friendly way to explain their mission to the public, they turned to JPM. With bespoke illustrations that continue the visual identity of CIPHE’s magazine, P&H Engineering, plus animation and voiceover all provided by JPM, the resulting video is one that can be shared far and wide on social media, spreading the word about the important work of the institute.

Tim Sainty, Membership Director of CIPHE, said: “The CIPHE has recently launched a new qualification and was looking for a way to effectively communicate a number of messages around our role as a professional body, the importance of our members, and why we have invested so much in this project. Once we decided on an animation, talking to JPM was the obvious choice. We already have a very strong relationship with them through the editorial, design and publishing services they provide for P&H Engineering, and they have consistently delivered powerful and meaningful illustrations.

“This project enabled us to make the most of skills we already know they could provide. Their knowledge about us and our priorities meant we could use JPM as a strategic partner and contributor throughout the process rather than just as the deliverer of a service.”