The Geological Society of London

Project: Geoscientist magazine and website
Sector: Science | Membership
Services: Content creation | Design | Advertising | Magazine website | Video

“The stunningly redesigned magazine has a fantastic look and feel, while the new website is modern and fresh, and functions brilliantly on mobile devices. We are blown away by both the print magazine and website – they reflect perfectly the new chapter that Geoscientist is embarking on.”
Amy Whitchurch, editor of Geoscientist

The Geological Society wanted to modernise its content offering to attract a younger and more diverse membership, while also retaining its loyal and engaged existing membership. JPM worked collaboratively with the editorial team to create a more modern look and feel for the magazine and launched a new standalone website for the magazine.

Video content
Every issue, JPM creates a bespoke video documentary to link with the cover feature of Geoscientist, plus a short-form video to be shared across social media to drive traffic back to This give the Society a fresh, accessible way to engage with its more than 10,000 members – as well as with people beyond the profession.