The Oldie

Project: The most original magazine in the country
Sector: Current affairs

A light-hearted alternative to a press obsessed with youth and celebrity: The Oldie is a truly independent, free-thinking magazine. It offers almost no advice about retirement or how to grow old, but keeps readers young with a steady supply of wit, entertainment and bracing good sense. Since taking over the reins, we made it profitable for the first time in its history, while maintaining its irreverent humour and sharp observations.

We have reinvigorated every facet of The Oldie. While its engaging design and sage journalism continues to entertain its growing readership, we have worked behind the scenes, doubling its revenue and increasing subscriptions by 60%, reflecting its passionate audience.

"I love The Oldie and have bought it since it started; it has the best of everything: writers, cartoons, letters – and a matchless agony aunt…"

Joanna Lumley